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Custom Drone

Drone technology is evolving rapidly.We design versatile and better equipped drones for industrial & commercial purpose. Custom tailored for clients to ensure safety, proper maintenance and efficient operations.

A community of experts & developers of different areas is an asset.Question-Answer and connect with our ELIGHT-SPM community users from around the world.Create your projects online and make your own profile in the community.

We consult with clients who want to add drones to their organization.We design solutions to eliminate hindrances and help them with selection of appropriate set of purchasing equipment, accessories to make customized drone.

Workshops are Learning programs where we provide educational and mentoring services.We deliver hands-on-learning sessions where students get practical experience on Drone & Robotics,Here attendees get a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation.



Trainings are skill building program that develops a particular skill among the people.We deliver the best hands-on-learning based training sessions to students where they get practical experience on Drone & Robotics,Here attendees get a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation.

We provide subscription-based private lab in institutions on STEM education.It makes it easier for the student to learn according to their requirement and can end at any point of time.In the lab they get access to our valued research material that help them with their projects.


To Bring Change

Our mission is to develop high end industrial drone solutions and provide customized solutions to the varying needs of customers. Educating people with emerging technology and creating future workforce.

Our vision is to lead industry with our values and innovation. Transforming the education industry and creating new methods of learning. 


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Elight SPM is an epitome in the new era of the Engineering and Science Industry. At Elight SPM we are committed to evolve as a catalyst in the field of Drones!

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